I have often thought about visiting the United States of America. I know I am speaking about the USA the way the Americans speak about Europe. “I have been to Europe. I spent 5 wholes days there. I spent a day in London, a day in Paris, a day in Rome, a day in Amsterdam and even went to Spain!”.

It is true, I would not be able to see the whole of the US but if I could afford it and if I had the time, I would drive across the US and see all its highlights. I would book a Niagara Falls hotel, I would see the Grand Canyon, Climb the statue of liberty, be amazed in Mount Rushmore, have fun in DisneyWorld with the kids, try to escape Alcatraz, taste the delights of Mexico with a worm in my Tequila, take my hubby to Silicon City, drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, have a cosmopolitan in Manhattan, audition for a movie in Hollywood,spend Halloween in Salem, meet Obama in his white house (and tell him a green house joke) etc etc. Can you just imagine the wonderful experiences. Obviously it is not a matter of a week but I would (if finance and time were not a constraint) spend months trawling America. I bet most Americans have not seen more than 20% of the USA. Sadly Green Cards, Time and Money are lacking. Maybe one day. For now I will keep dreaming and hope that I win that lottery ticket or get that audition in Hollywood and earn millions and meanwhile simply hope to visit one city at a time.