I like my butter. Perhaps a bit too much. Yet I like to try to be healthy too. The problem with butter is that it is not particularly healthy just tasty. Well Flora Buttery is a margarine that actually tastes good. Not quite butter but a very good substitute and far better than any other margarines that try to be substitutes for butter. Where as I still cannot fully give up my butter (there is no substitute for baguette and butter), Flora Buttery is a great alternative. It tastes good and because it spreads well and easily you are not placing a chunk of butter on it. I find it great for sandwiches and I have even used it in cooking. Will I give up my butter, not completely. I will keep butter for my naughty treats and I will be using Buttery for most things instead without feeling guilty. Now if only they do it in a light version, it would make it perfect!

Flora Buttery