I was always faithful to Comfort conditioner until one day I was sent a sample of Lenor to review. And I fell in love. My clothes smelt wonderful and the smell lasted. You slip into bed night after night and a lovely canadian pharmacy viagra legal scent greets you. They have continued to produce more scents. I have my preferences and the only way to decide which you like the most is to try each of them. Personally, the black bottle is my favourite – Black Diamond and Lotus from the Sensual Range. They have five ranges which each contain different scents:-

  1. Pure
  2. Classic
  3. Energised Infusion
  4. Sensual Infusion
  5. Scent Infusion

The one thing I have noticed, is when they are air dried, the smell lasts far longer than when they are tumble dried which immediately reduces the smell. I have longer for tumble dryer sheets to enhance the smell when I use my dryer (which living in the UK, I use a lot). Finally they released one, except it was not really Lenor but Bounce renamed. Also the smell only matches one of their range. At least it is a nice smell.

So Lenor if you are listening… please the whole range in tumble dryer sheets (and perhaps ironing water, room and fabric fresheners).

So give Lenor a try, because it really is nice. I am constantly asked about the smell and what I use. I guess that is a good sign!

This scent has matching tumble dryer sheets.

Lenor Tumble Dryer Sheets
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