A couple of years ago my son came first in sports day. He was naturally delighted and loved his trophy. He would show it to anyone who cared to listen (namely family members who humoured him and let him speak about it). Sadly after a year had passed we received a letter asking him to return it. There was no pre warning, just please return it to the school. Needless to say, my son was devastated. I told him not to worry and he just has to work hard to win it again. He said it was unlikely because a new boy joined and he was really fast. He was right, compared to the rest of the class, he was like lightening. He did not win and it just broke his heart. I know some trophies need to be returned but they are usually inscribed with their name. This was so small, no-one’s name was on it. When you consider that trophies from quicktrophy.com can be bought as low as $6.99, then you know it is not even about money because I am sure as parents none of us would mind actually paying for the trophy to be kept if required. I would even pay for it to be inscribe. But then again, perhaps I am a silly sentimental mum!