Rumour has it that the TT 2013 will have loads of riders parading round in some really cool new biker jackets. Although I am not really into motorbikes and races, living in the wonderful Isle of Man, automatically gives me interest. I think really with a jacket like this, even if you are not a biker, it is still really cool. And if you look after your leathers, they could last a lifetime. But do not look at me for advice… I cannot even keep my sofa looking smart… but I know that looked after leather is going to last and last.

I love the clean lines of this jacket, with the cut that just enhances the figure and remains so girlie. Now if only they did them in pink too. Ok perhaps not in the spirit of the TT but in the spirit of remaining feminine and girlie!

Icon Hella Leather Jackets - Womens - Black Front View