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Posted by Shopaholic
November 13th, 2012

I wanted to buy a washing machine and a washer dryer. Bearing in mind the cost, I did some research and found PixMania was the cheapest. There was one thing, that the great prices are VERY misleading as you need to add the delivery charges which are exorbitant. £30 for delivery of viagra mexico a washing machine. If you are buying 2, you pay twice! However, they did have the cheapest machines even after the delivery charges. Though only just.

They do have a “loyalty scheme”. Not a great scheme but it does give you 50% discount on deliveries for a year, starting from your second order. However you have to pay £16 for it. I bought it. Then I placed an order for a small item which incidentally had free delivery. Finally I went to place the order for the machines. It did not automatically deduct the 50% discount. Now I do not know if this is because I will receive my card in a few days time (as reported to me in the email confirmation) or because their is a glitch in the system. To complicate matters, as I was placing the order anyway, in case you get the discount post check out, the site reported that it was “under construction”.

I will have to update you further after actually placing my order tomorrow when it is hopefully up and running.

And for anyone also trying to purchase from them, until tomorrow, they have a discount code CRAZYUK for £10 off £120, £20 off £280 or £40 off £600. Sadly can only be used once, which again is a shame because as my purchases are £150 and £300, I could have had £30 off and will now only get £20 off!

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