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Carpet Cleaning

Posted by Shopaholic
November 18th, 2012

I was reading about a company offering carpet cleaning durham nc and I remember my experience with carpet cleaning. It was not good. Perhaps I expected miracles but my experience was less than satisfactory. This is why I decided to write. Obviously it has nothing to do with the company I read about but here are my do’s and don’ts with carpet cleaning.

Do NOT use someone who does not offer instant dry because my carpets were wet for more buy viagra us than 4 days despite leaving my windows open as per their suggestion. The wetness picked up more dirt than I had previously which made cleaning the carpets redundant.

Go with someone’s recommendation. When you get a recommendation, you are less likely to end up with cowboys.

If possible do not walk on the wet carpet till dry.

Here are the good points.

If you can keep it unwalked on till dry, it comes up almost as new. I was impressed how well it looked. I had a beige carpet.

Keeping the windows open helps dry the carpet.

Apparently the heating does not help to dry it.

If you drop something on the still wet carpet, clean it immediately.

There is always an offer… look for one!

Silly points but hopefully useful.


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