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Posted by Shopaholic
October 12th, 2012

I like buying standard build it yourself shelves. They generic viagra buy usa are cheap, cheerful and fit well anywhere and when you have had enough of them, then you dispose of them or pass them on. The only issue I do tend to have is they never have enough shelves or holes to add shelves. They assume that you want just a couple of shelves. But I have found my way around it, I got my hubby to play with his drill & drill press vises and drill extra holes for me. Then I just pick up shelves from a place like B&Q or homebase. If they are too big, just a quick saw down. I get the right shelves and my hubby has lots of “I’m the man!” feeling. And in case you are wondering, my hubby is not a handy man by any stretch of the imagination, but even he can manage this!


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