I know you will have noticed how little I have posted this last month. I must assure that it is not that suddenly my interest in aquiring things has diminished but having recently acquired a house as part of my purchases, I was very wrapped up in moving, sorting my old house out and getting it ready for the new tenants. This was topped with my father being admitted in to hospital and “residing” there for a month and my 3 kids getting chicken pox (not simultaneously but sequentially).

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I have had to sort through things like old newspapers, tiny clothes, a used notebook and some broken laptops, bits of paper, broken toys, rediscovered kitchen paraphernalia, and all sorts of things. A month later, several trips to the dump and charity shop and we finally moved house. Yet I still have a garage full of boxes and our supposed study full. But at least life is resuming and I can start working on buying new stuff for the new house. Watch this space..  I am hoping it will get good (except for my credit card)!