So my son came home from school one day and complained his arm was sore. I asked why and he said he was punched by a girl friend of his. Knowing the girl, I was perplexed so I asked him why? He then explained they were playing toro zero turn. This is played when they see a particular type of something eg a car and like a “bull” they punch the other child. They then say “zero turn” which means you cannot hit back. With his friend being quicker, he received many a punch! It could have been worse as he could have been hitting her! I was not happy so recommended a change in the game and it is now called “mini hug”. When they see a mini, they give a mini hug. They say “zero turn” if they don’t want the hug back. Perfect. I have found there is now another variation on the game – “mini kiss, zero turn!”. You work it out. Do you reckon I am going to