When I first found out Woolies was back (at least online), I was overjoyed. If I knew then, what I know now… well.. I would not have even given it a second thought.

On the 18th January I placed an order. I was under the impression that they offered a next day service. Except on check out I was informed that Party items can take a few working days. Thank heavens I left some time for the party rather than waited for acceptance confirmations for quantity. Delivery date arrived and most thing did not arrive… and there was just a couple of days to go and I thought “perhaps tomorrow”. Delivery never came. I had to change the theme of my son’s party to whatever I could find on the high street at the last moment. Can you imagine his little face when I told him I could not keep my promise of his having a Toy Story Party. I felt like a failure as a mother.

I also ordered a chest of drawers. AFTER placing the order, I found out it was going to be delivered on the 23rd February. Yes, more than a month after placing the order. I liked it, so I grinned and beared it. Only for the 23rd February to come and go and my chest to not arrive. I chased after it. They keep saying things like “it takes 5 days to look into it”. And today I looked at my account only to find that it has been cancelled. And they haven’t even bothered to inform me (and there is no refund on my account).

I am livid to say the least. I call them. They tell me that I have been refunded but it takes 10 working days to show. It is still not showing. I go as far as to tell them how dissappointed I am because the LEAST they could have done was dished out an email. You would think they would try to placate a customer and try to encourage them to buy from them again by giving them something like a discount voucher or credit note. That is ok by me, I won’t be buying there again especially because when I did try to buy I DID NOT receive. And I am telling you this, so that you don’t get caught in the same trap. After all there are plenty of other places who are ready to sell, to deliver and to stick to their promises.

(I will be letting them know about this post – and I invite them to post their comments below).