I just heard that my brother has decided to embark on an online business degree while working as cabin crew and seeing the world. I must say that is life. Mind you, when I worked as cabin crew, I spent as much as I earnt. I liked the high life but it was high maintenance too. You have access to all reknowned brand names and at discount prices… it was hard… nay impossible to resist. My dressing table was overflowing with YSL, Clarins, Chanel and more. My wine cupboard was filled with wines from all over the world and my larder filled with all sorts of decadent treats. The only thing that I have to show for it now, is an ever so expanded waistline!

Well, shows he has a good head on his shoulders, I hope. I wish him the very best!

BRO…. do well or else… I am still your big SIS!