So, I purchased a washing machine from Comet. Let me start by saying that their site is not the best of sites… the amount of times it made me mumble under my breathe was astonishing. However, I must also say the good bits… they have some of the largest range available and some prices are fabulous though some are rather expensive especially compared to other retailers.

Anyway, I placed my first order and it could not give me a delivery date. Never mind. I placed it because they said they would contact me. You do NOT get a confirmation email of your order. In fact you can keep wondering about your order for a while (though they say they will contact you within 24 hours). Anyhow, my order was cancelled within 24 hours – “Unfortunately we have been unable to process your order using the payment details you have provided. Please try again using an alternative card.” I was not pleased because there should have been no reason for the payment to go through… but errors happen. So I placed it again. 3 days later, I still have no contact from comet. So I check their site and see that my order is due for delivery on Christmas Day of 2011. That is almost a year down the line. In case you think it is too far fetched, I have attached a screenshot of their site. So, I called to find out more.

First they said that it was out of stock and I said, well it does not say so on the site. Then he corrected himself and say it was a payment issue, which again I said was not possible. So he then acknowledged that it was not tried. Then he offered to replace the order and I pointed out that this order was not cancelled and if I placed another order, it was more expensive because of the VAT increase. He said fair enough and did not even offer to renew the order or say we will let you have it at original price of when you tried to buy it. Finally he said we do not deliver to your address. Seriously. I complained again that

  • my order was not cancelled and still due
  • my order was not refused by the system for the delivery address
  • it is 3 days later and I have heard nothing from Comet about my address or payment or stock or anything
  • I am left in suspense

His final reaction was… I will take it up with my manager. So as to customer service and website ease of use… COMET Fails.

I am not saying do not use comet, because if your order is straight forward, then you could be on to a winner… but if you need customer care… GOOD LUCK!

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