It gets my goat when you go shopping to places like M&S, TK Maxx, WHSmith, Holland & Barratt spend a penny or several pounds rather and then they make you pay for the privilege of a scrap of plastic to take home your purchases in the name of protecting the environment. I mean if they genuinely cared about the environment there are so many other options.

  1. They could give paper bags ( Replacement trees could be planted and they decompose and cost would be comparable to plastic bags).
  2. They could give biodegradable plastic bags. (Environment friendly and comparable price).
  3. They could give material bags. They could justify the cost by them being say promotional tote bags which they give free if X  amount is spent or you can purchase if required amount is not spent. They would be reusable (environment friendly) and a walking advert which would justify the cost.

So personally I think it is crap that they insult you by making you pay to carry your purchases out of their shop!