If like me, you are forever buying stuff, then probably like me, your house is full to bursting. So what can you do? Well you can throw out what you don’t use, sell it using places like eBay or recycle it.

Personally I hate the first option, because if I bought it (unless I really used it to death), then someone else might like it or have a use for it. The second option requires time and perhaps maintence and a whole load of writing descriptions to every knitty gritty detail and I don’t have the time for it (though you do earn some extra cash to buy new stuff) and last is my favourite, you recycle it. Which is what brings me to freecycle.

Freecycle works like this… you have things you no longer like, want or even work and you list them. It appeals to someone and viola they come collect and wow your extra space.

Other benefits include :-

  • Being able to try things before you decide to buy so you know what options you want,
  • If you need something as a stop gap (I once borrowed* a bed for a couple of weeks while I had many many guests)
  • Getting rid of all your extra never used stuff
  • Getting spare parts – which is why even broken stuff is listed as 2 broken items could lead to 1 good as new!
  • Most of all – Being GREEN and environment friendly.

Anyway, if you like the idea, just sign up and really start recycling. Just chose the area you live in or are prepared to drive to!

*Technically you are not allowed to borrow or lend, but you can work around the rules as I did with the bed. Obviously don’t lend something you don’t want damaged or will be very upset if it does not come back, but otherwise why not?

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