I have been thinking that it will soon be time for me to return back to work. I have been thinking about returning to psychology but I always have my fears. You have to deal with things like abuse, disorders and disturbed people. Having to treat people for alcohol and drug addiction is quite a feat. You see in psychology you need to treat the underlying issues but you cannot do this without also removing the addiction.

I personally believe that a rapid opiate detox along with counselling always works far better than counselling or detox on its own. Obviously it is hard on the person but going cold turkey is always the best. There would be times that a person would want to give up but with a rapid detox, at least it passes faster and the client is always in a better position to succeed. However, without a period of counselling, they are more likely to fall back into addiction.

This in turn is quite heavy on emotions both for the client and the counsellor. So I do wonder if I am ready to go back. The truth is money is decent, which means I can shop more… but can I deal with all the ills of the world? Maybe I need a job as a buyer. That would be a cool job.