A friend of mine begged me to order some items from Fiesta Craft online. Now as you can imagine, I don’t need much of a push to hit the shops!

I went to the site to see what she was after and instantly had difficulties. To start with there is no search function. How can you not have a search function on a sales website?

I told her to place the order herself and have delivered to my house. Apparently she couldn’t as she needed a UK credit card as well as a UK address and they must match. She could not get the order to work.

I reluctantly agreed to place the order. I noticed they offer a search for stores facility. I thought, perhaps I can hit their shops rather than their site. This did not work. Not for the Isle of Man nor for England.

She told me what she wanted. I had to manually go and start each item from the beginning. You would think that you could pick and continue picking. Not the case. At least you could adjust the quantity from your order cart.

You had to pay via paypal. Still not sure if this is a positive thing or a negative. I currently have issues with paypal and would prefer to avoid using them. I think if they offered the option of using paypal or another method it would be positive but using only paypal is not a positive thing in my books. I also hate inputting my banking details in another sellers website. It does not feel safe at all. Perhaps it should open in a new window? On the plus side, the transaction was quick and easy. You did not have to log in or create an account. They take your email from your paypal account. This again might not be a good thing as I have different paypal accounts but predominantly use just 1 email! The email you get is also very basic. But I suppose basic is as good as any.

The worst of it, is there is no real contact facility (it is a noreply email address) and no ability to keep track of your order.

Over all, not a site I happily recommend. Now if they do improvements and want me to re-review it, I will gladly consider it. But reality I think they really need to improve it if they want to move from the amateur market to the professional! This is particularly bad as they try to hit both the wholesale and retail market on the same site!

I was also not able to find any affiliation, recommendations or discount codes. Says a lot doesn’t it?