Neat Ideas is a great place to get stationary from. First of all it is cheap. One of the cheapest I found anyway. I have been using them for around 5 years now and have never been able to complain. And that is pretty impressive from someone who likes to complain especially when things go wrong. Anyway, besides having great prices on ink, paper, stationary, stickers, pens, office furniture, printers, faxes etc they also often have special offers and free gifts.

Last but definately not least, when you spend £30 (which is easy enough) you also get free delivery. And by free delivery, I mean, you find the items on your doorstep the very next day! I am impressed with how quick they deliver.

Plus if you order the wrong thing accidentally, they will take it back too (don’t ask how I know!!)

Neat Ideas is definately a place I recommend for your stationary and office supplies.