Dimout.com sell a really wide range of lingerie. They do a whole range of sexy and stunning lingerie. With a range like this there is absolutely no reason to feel unsexy. They even do a plus size range, so just because you may be slightly larger than average, no longer means you need to dress up like grandma in the underwear section.

And guys…. lingerie is not just for Valentine’s. It is a perfect gift for Mothering Sunday too. Make a Mum feel special! Not your mum silly (mind you embarrassment aside she might actually appreciate it!), I was talking of your kids mum!

Now for the important information. They do ship anywhere and max shipping time is 5 days. Shipping costs are per order regardless of the size and are as follows:-

  • $4.95 USD to anywhere in the states
  • $16.25 USD to Canada and
  • $25.00 USD anywhere else

Oh and currently they have some special discounts available.

  • Enter specialoffer into the coupon box to receive a discount on your order
  • Spend $100.00 and receive 5% discount on this order. Just enter hundreddollarorder in the coupon box
  • Spend $200.00 and receive 10% discount on this order. Just enter twohundreddollarorder in the coupon box