Tesco – every little helps!

I am sure that you do not need any introduction to Tesco, but I must go on a little bit about Tesco because they are far from being just a grocery store!

Tesco originated as a grocery store slowly conquering the market and becoming what it is today. Tesco has helped change the way we view supermarkets completely. In the past, you walked into a corner store picked up a pint of milk, some bread, your daily paper and perhaps the food you ate that day. Quick in, Quick out. Well today you pop in to your store and can pick anything up from your pint of milk to your TV. And you no longer have to pop in. Tesco will even deliver direct to your door.

All Tesco‘s electronics have FREE delivery, though you have to pay for delivery for groceries. However, there always are coupons and special offers that can cover the delivery (plus some groceries). Delivery charges are dependant upon when you want your order delivered. Example it is more expensive on a Saturday than a Tuesday.

There is no minimum order, though the coupons usually have a minimum £50.00 purchase. I particularly like to use them to deliver big heavy stuff like my washing powder, bottled water, wine and toilet paper. Ok I know TP is not heavy but it is bulky and saves me having to manoeuver it in the car. You can also always amend your order until the night before. You can even book your slot up to 3 weeks in advance. Perfect for your return after holidaying.

Even if you have used Tesco before, I must highlight that Tesco have done some major rehauling of their website. You can now really get anything from Tesco including all the following:-

  • Groceries (Duh!)
  • Electronics (TV’s, Ipods, Playstations etc)
  • Photography Printing (cheap too!)
  • Wine (Cheaper than instore – they even have a wine club)
  • Furniture (Really New stuff!)
  • Baby Stuff (Nappies, Nursery, Food etc – They also have a baby club and send you great offers)
  • Finance (Credit cards that give you back cash, loans, saving accounts etc)
  • Insurance (Cheaper than most! – including Travel, Car, Home & Pet)
  • Phones (mobiles & landlines – they even have a value SIM)
  • Broadband (different services available)
  • Flowers (did you remember your mum’s birthday?)
  • Travel (Cheap Cheap Travel)
  • Gas & Electricity (You earn points on cheap gas & electricity)
  • Books, DVD’s, Cd’s etc (Starting from under a pound too!)
  • DVD Rentals (You do not even need to buy the damn DVD’s!)
  • Diets (First they fatten us – then they slim us down! Hmm)
  • Contact Lenses (Yes – watch out specsavers)
  • A legal store (should I be worried?)
  • Nutricentre (not quite sure what this is yet!)
  • Toys (makes Christmas shopping easier)
  • DIY & Car (All you need to do it yourself!)
  • House & Home (Like they would not have this section!)
  • Clothes (coming soon!)

Did I cover it all? Oh yes, before I forget, they even do things like sponsor schools (giving stuff away) and sponsors charities (see their plastic bags). Oh yes, they will even recycle their bags, you can hand to your delivery man or in store. Plus if you reuse your bags, you even get green points which convert to money! 1 green point for every bag used. The only drawback is this is not available on deliveries – yet!

Before I forget, you really should get yourself a clubcard. You can get so much with their points. You get 1 point per £1 spent. This translates to a penny if you use them in store but 4 p – 4 times as much if you use on clubcard deals. And they have some amazing deals from Tussauds Group Tickets to Airmiles, from Days Out to Hotels, Accomodation and Travel.

Just click on the link and start shopping till you drop! Good thing you are shopping from home – you can go rest afterwards 😉

Oh you might want to keep an eye on the comment section for up to date Coupons. Why not submit your own? Š